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Unwanted Visitors | Parasites and worms

One of the most frequently asked questions I have during a colonic session is 'do I have worms or parasites ? '

It seems to be a shock to most that there are these unwanted creatures residing in their bodies.

For the record, I cannot see parasites as they are microscopic but have definitely seen many worms.

You cannot diagnose the particular species as they are passing by in the colonic tube but you get an idea. They can range in size from quite small to about 30 cms long or more.

What these are doing inside you is damage to the intestinal lining and reducing your ability to absorb certain nutrients. If they have been there for quite awhile, the damage will be more extensive.

You could be experiencing symptoms such as excessive bloating, pain, skin issue , a fluttering in your stomach, cravings for sweet foods etc. Most people do not know they are even there.

It is a fallacy to think that if you are clean that you won’t get them. They come into your digestive tract as a tiny egg on food, in the air, in public places especially food trolleys and public toilets or drinking tank water.

The best way to treat them is by taking a herbal anti parasitic / worming formula combined with colonics and or enemas and avoiding sugar as they love this.

I am happy to discuss this further in your consultation .


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