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To Detox or Not to Detox... that is the question

Its usually at this time of year when we can hear our body screaming out for a break, too much food ,drink and little sleep make us feel sluggish, tired, grumpy and functioning below par.

It just makes sense to stop all of the above and listen closely to what the body is saying . Do a little test by answering these questions. If you answer YES to 4 or more questions, you should seriously consider a detoxification programme.

1. Do you have headaches or other aches or pains? 2. Do you often eat fast foods ,fried foods or refined foods 3. Do you regularly consume caffeine or sugar ,or need these substances to get through the day? 4. Are you overweight or tend to overeat? 5. Do you have high blood pressure or elevated blood pressure? 6. Do you have allergies to foods or the environment ,manifested possibly as hay fever ,skin rashes or asthma? 7. Do you suffer from congested sinuses or increased mucus in your nose or throat? 8. Do you experience constipation or digestive problems? 9. Are you a regular drinker of alcohol or coffee?


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