Do I need a colonic?
It is my belief that for you to be well, your digestive system needs to be functioning well.

If you are experiencing abdominal bloating, constipation, discomfort or IBS symptoms, you may benefit from the effects of colonic hydrotherapy.

Is it safe?
Colonic hydrotherapy, when done by a certified, trained practitioner, is a sage and effective procedure. Sterile, disposable tubing and speculum are used (new kit per person) and highly filtered water.

Will colonics damage the intestinal flora?
Colonics will help the bowel to foster more of the good bacteria as most people have a low percentage of this to start. An unhealthy ‘full’ bowel allows more of the ‘bad’ intestinal bacteria to grow.

I encourage probiotic supplementation and provide 1 after the treatment to immediately begin the re-colonization process.

Will one colonic work?
One colonic for some people can be very effective particularly done in conjunction with a cleansing diet or detox program. I would recommend at least 3 colonics over a 3-6 week period to be most effective.

Does it hurt?
A colonic procedure is aimed to be gentle. Occasionally the bowel will release large amounts of gas and waste – at this point some discomfort may be experienced but it passes quite quickly and is replaced with a feeling of lightness.

How can I best prepare?
I recommend at the very least 2-3 days of preparation to get the most from your colon hydrotherapy treatment. This will include avoiding fizzy drinks (including sparking water and beer) and the ‘white’ foods like white bread, rice, pasta and cheese. Increasing fresh juices, both fruit and vegetable, will help the treatment outcome immensely.

Information about how to prepare your body can be found here.

Is there anything I should take to prepare?
I would recommend taking liquid chlorophyll prior to your colonic. It is available from most health food stores or from Harlow Health directly.​