Harlow Health is the leading natural therapies centre for Colonics and Colon Hydrotherapy in the Noosa area, Queensland

Welcome to Harlow Health

Harlow health is a boutique clinic in the Tewantin area of Noosa, performing closed system Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics) in a safe and friendly environment.

The clinic is run by Naomi Nettleton, a fully qualified naturopath since 1987  with over 13 years experience in performing Colonic Irrigation, so you know you’re in the best of hands at Harlow Health clinic, Queensland.

Please browse the website for information and frequently asked questions about colonics; information about Naomi Nettleton, Colon Hydrotherapist; tips on how to prepare for a colonic treatment; and how to find Harlow Health and book your appointment for colonic irrigation.

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