Harlow Health is the leading natural therapies centre for Colonics and Colon Hydrotherapy in the Noosa area, Queensland

The colon... what is it?

The colon , also called the large intestine or bowel is situated in the abdomen and forms the last part of the digestive tract .

It is an extremely important organ ,some 5 feet in length and 2.5 inches in diameter ,which handles our food waste and much of our body waste .

A normal colon is populated by billions of friendly bacteria which assist in detoxifying waste ,synthesise certain vitamins and minerals and help protect against infection .

However the delicate balance of this internal ecosysytem is easily disturbed by a number of factors;

  • - Stress
  • - processed food
  • - pollution
  • - fizzy drinks
  • - electromagnetic influences
  • - drugs /smoking and exposure to toxic substances

Correct functioning of the colon is a necessity for health .The average transit time from eating to defecating should be less than 24 hours with a bowel movement at least once a day .

In disease , poor digestion ,yeast overgrowth (candida),irritable bowel syndrome ,chronic constipation and diarrhea are usually accompanied by auto-intoxication which places a heavy burden upon the other eliminative organs of the body, the kidneys, skin and lungs .

Chronic constipation can also lead to further complications ,such as diverticulitis ,hemorrhoids ,fissures ,colitis and even bowel cancer as well as chronic toxic conditions in the rest of the body such as acne and eczema.

It can lead to a general state of feeling heavy and slow .

Colonic Hydrotherapy can help to clear the colon of unwanted gas and toxic build up, and train it to function more effectively. It can hydrate your whole body, relieve constipation, and rid the body of parasites.